Photovoltaic Systems On-Grid

Definition: On-grid photovoltaic systems are connected to the public power grid. Raach Solar implements systems of various sizes, from small systems with 1kWp to industrial systems in the order of several megawatts.

micro PV systems (1kWp)

Tenants or owners of apartments or houses who do not have enough space or budget can reduce significantly their electricity bill by installing small photovoltaic systems in the range of one to several solar module sizes which feed the electricity directly into the house grid and reduce the electricity consumption from the public grid. The particularity of these PV systems are the use of microinverters which convert the solar direct current into single phase alternating current. The microinverters can directly be plugged into a 230VAC household socket.

Residential PV systems (10kWp)

With the new amendment in 2021 of the German Renewable Act (EEG amendment), the residential photovoltaic systems market section was increased from a maximum of 10kWp to 30kWp with lower bureaucratic regulations for the grid connection. Most of the grid tie PV systems are used for own consumption to reduce the power purchase from the grid during daytime. The surplus production of the PV system is fed into the grid. Roughly 50% of all grid connected residential systems in South Germany are already delivered in combination with a battery storage system.

commercial PV systems (100kWp)

Larger roof surfaces of commercial and public buildings such as supermarkets, offices, hospitals, town halls, schools, yard buildings etc. are covered by several solar arrays with different orientations. The inverters are combined in an AC distribution box with a direct grid connection and electricity measurement by current transformers to feed the solar electricity into a three-phase low voltage (3 x 400VAC) grid. As feed in tariffs remain low, the largest economic impact of solar electricity generation remains the reduction of the electricity bill by own consumption. The savings on the electricity bill pay back the investment cost already after a couple of years.

industrial PV systems (>1MWp)

Buildings of industries, manufacturing sites, harbours, logistic warehouses etc. offer large surfaces to reach several hundreds of kWp up to several MWp of photovoltaic power and offer large electricity consumer customers near to the installation site. The low cost of photovoltaic power generation and zero emission of greenhouse gases offer a perfect match for a carbon free production of goods. In combination  with battery storage systems, solar power reduces peak demand for electric loads and consequently penality payments to the electricity utility.

photovoltaic power plants (>10MWp)

When it comes to large scale photovoltaic power plants, the required surface of roofs is too small to cover for instance a 10MWp solar array which requires approximately 40.000m² to 50.000m². Photovoltaic power plants are built on open areas with two main design options: a) a set-up with medium-sized inverters up to 200kW or b) centralized inverters of 2 to 5MW. The power plants feed the electricity into a medium voltage grid via a transformer on a typically 11 to 33kV grid.

charging stations for electric vehicles

The combination of a photovoltaic system with a charging station for electric cars allows to charge the car battery with renewable electricity which improves the carbon footprint of electric cars. RAACH SOLAR offers charging stations from three-phase 11kW wall boxes to three-phase or direct DC 300kW chargers. Intelligent energy management will maximize the use of solar electricity.

biulding integrated photovoltaics

The most elegant use of solar power is the integration of solar modules into roofs and facades. Solar modules become a part of the building shell. Double or triple glass photovoltaic modules isolate at the same time building against heat and cold. By using coloured solar cells and glass rounds up a perfect design of the building.

Non ventilated glass / glass facade integrated photovoltaic systems, source: Hochbauamt Regensburg


RAACH SOLAR offers carports for single parking or large scale office and supermarket parking facilities. The increasing use of electric cars offer an additional advantage of solar carports which can charge directly the batteries of the electric cars during the parking time. Special solar module glas-glas designs make a perfect look out of your carport.