BSW (German Solar Industry Association)

The German Solar Industry Association (BSW) is an interest group of around 800 solar technology companies from the areas of production, trade and craft based in Berlin, Germany

Photovoltaik Sachverständige e.V. (PV Expert Association)

Association for Experts and specialits on photovoltaic technology. An expert is a natural person with special knowledge and above-average technical expertise in a certain area. If a court or authority does not have sufficient technical or factual knowledge, the court or authority can delegate the factual question to an expert for an answer. The association is based in Erlangen, Germany.

IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Ulm, Germany, represents its 38,000 member companies in Ulm, in the Alb-Donau district and in the district of Biberach. The IHK is a corporation under public law. She takes on tasks in training and further education, issuing certificates of origin and advice in the areas of business start-ups, financing, innovation and the environment, law and taxes based in Ulm, Germany.

BGETEM (Accident Prevention & Insurance Association)

The BG ETEM is an employer’s liability insurance coverage association for a good 200,000 companies in the fields of electrical engineering and electrical trade, precision mechanics, energy and water management, textile industries and shoes as well as printing and paper processing based in Cologne, Germany.